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At Home Training

Have fun working on your soccer skills at home!

Below we’ve collected a variety of training sessions to help you work on different skills.


Try these foot skills brought to you by a former Granby Rover, Grady Kelly.
16 Footwork Drills
5 Dribbling Drills You Can Do At Home
10 Minute Ball Mastery Workout You Can Do At Home


For these drills, if you don’t have something to kick your ball off of ask a sibling or parent to help you out! If you don’t have cones try using shoes, water bottles, or a piece of clothing.
10 Exercises you can do with wall.

Passing and First Touch Training – You can do these exercises with a wall, rebounder, or partner.


Improve your explosiveness or speed on the ball. Along with these drills, try to incorporate running 3x a week. Do a combination of long distance running and sprint workouts.
Sports Endurance Workout – Stamina, Speed, and Agility Workout


Handling drills.


Cognitive Training

Additional Resources

Other resources for at home training: